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Season 2024


New Hours 
Thursday - Saturday
11:00am - 4:00pm 


Glenrock Paleontological Museum-small Museum, great experience!


The Glenrock Paleontological Museum was founded in 1995 after finding a Triceratops on a local ranch. It was given the name Lady Stephanie " by the children of Glenrock. Since then, the museum has continued to grow, adding fossils from Cretaceous, Jurassic and Oligocene time periods. Marine reptiles, sauropod dinosaurs, therapod dinosaurs and mammals have also been found and added to the museum. All of the fossils in our museum were found in Wyoming and will remain here for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages from around the world. Our primary mission has been gaining scientific knowledge and sharing that knowledge for education. We love showing our visitors the process of fossil preparation in our lab. Our ladies that work on these magnificent fossils were give a nickname by one of the Paleontologists and it has stuck with them. They are called the " Bone Biddies ". 

Guided Tours are offered at no additional cost.  Hope you will come see our amazing collection of fossils.  

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