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The Paleontological Museum will be CLOSED for the Winter ....
We will reopen in March 2024

Welcome to

Glenrock Paleontological Museum


Paleon image.jpg

     Welcome to our museum of dinosaurs found in Wyoming.

     A very long time ago, these dinosaurs lived in our area along with other parts of Wyoming. What is now hills and valleys used to have marshes, rivers and ocean along with having dry ground.


     How did these creatures live? What did they eat?  Where did they have their babies? Did they all live in herds? 

     Come discover these creatures of old and learn the amazing facts concerning them. The history and science is amazing!

     Touch Real Dinosaur Fossils in Our Prep Lab. 

     We look forward to seeing you !

NOTICE :  MUSEUM will be CLOSED through the winter. We will reopen March 2024




 Adults - $5.00

Children under 12 - Free

Donations are appreciated.


506 W. Birch Street

Glenrock, Wyoming  82637

PHONE :      ( 307 ) 436 - 2667

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