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Summer Season 2024

Museum Hours:     Thursday - Saturday   11:00 am - 4:00 pm 


Adults $ 5.00

Children under 12 years old -  Free

Welcome to our Museum of Wyoming Dinosaurs

Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs that you are seeing, lived around the town of Glenrock and in some other unique parts of Wyoming.  The landscape has changed over the course of time. There used to be marshes, many more rivers, and even ocean in this area. Over millions of years the earth changed so that in this same area, we now see the mountains that formed, dry hills and valleys. The evidence of what the landscape used to be millions of years ago and the lives that lived here, still remain. Our earth is exposing her history of the dinosaurs from long, long ago. 


Discover - Learn the Science - Feel Real Dinosaur Bones

  • What fossils are being found here?

  • How did these creatures live?

  • What did they eat?

  • Which ones lived in herds?

  • Were their babies born or hatched?

  • How did they die?


Come discover these creatures of old and learn the fascinating facts concerning them. The history and science is amazing!

We look forward to seeing you !




 Adults - $5.00

Children under 12 - Free

Donations are appreciated.


506 W. Birch Street

Glenrock, Wyoming  82637

PHONE :      ( 307 ) 436 - 2667

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