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Planning Your Visit !

Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with memory-making moments

We invite you to come visit one of the most interesting dinosaur museums. At the Paleontological Museum in Glenrock, visitors have an opportunity to learn about the unique natural history of Wyoming's dinosaurs through these fossils and experience a Guided Museum Tour in which you will learn facts that you might not otherwise learn. In our museum, you can see close up what it takes to clean and preserve these fossils once they have been brought into the museum's lab from the field. The museum's volunteers in the prep lab will explain what they are working on. Please feel free to ask any questions. At the end of the tour, if you have children then your children are allowed to choose a real piece of dinosaur fossil that they may take home with them. In the Gift Shop you may purchase Fossil Reproductions of real dinosaur arms with claws, skulls, teeth, single claws, gift items, toys and t-shirts. This is truly a great experience for both adults and kids. 


Children under 12 years old - Free

Adults - $5.00 

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