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Allosaurus Arm. This Replica has been created from the original Allosaurus Arm displaying every minute detail of the fossil.  The Allosaurus fragilis is a theropod (meat-eating dinosaur).  Come meet our Allosaurus named "RIP" and learn the interesting facts about how he was discovered, how he lived and may have died. This is a full size mounted Allosaurus on display at our Museum in Glenrock, Wyoming.




Allosaurus  (AL-oh-SORE-us ) - Allosaurus is Greek for " different lizard ".


Formation:  Morrison Formation - Allosaurus is the most common and one of the largest predatory dinosaurs found in the Morrison Formation. 


Location:   This one Allosaurus was found in Wyoming. Allosaurus's are also found in other areas of North America, Africa, and Australia.


Period:        Late Jurassic


Length:       Total length of an Allosaurus - 25 to 35 feet (7.5 to 10.5 meters)


Color:          Finished in Charcoal Grey


Allosaurus Arm - Replica- Full Size

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